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{tips & tricks} Herb Infused Water

April 14. 2014


Last night I ventured out to Brooklyn for Sunday Suppers, part cooking class, part dining experience. It was just what I needed to get my cooking juju back. More to come in the coming weeks with some fabulous spring recipes and cooking tips, but thought I would kickoff this beautiful Monday morning with my new spring water go-to. The folks over at Sunday Suppers set out a trio of water pitchers filled with a selection of violets, rosemary, and mint; many of the items we would be using in dishes later in the evening making it the perfect pairing (and I know I always have leftover). Instead of the standard citrus, the fresh herbs gave the water just a hint of herbal goodness. Let’s not forget how pretty it was to look at. Just keep refilling the pitchers, no need to add additional herbs and flowers, they will last all night. New spring staple!!!!


{in the kitchen} spring pasta

April 7. 2014

Spring orecchiette pasta with peas, burratta and mint

This weekend was exactly what you would expect from April with blue skies, flowers blooming, and it finally felt like I could walk around without worrying about how cold it was outside. I spent much of the weekend catching up with friends as my work life has taken over much of the week these days (sorry for being MIA). With the warm weather, venturing to the market has me longing to get my cook on. The truth is however, as a single gal, it’s hard to make cooking a priority when 90 percent of the time I am cooking for one. I hate buying food and not knowing when I will have the time to make anything of it.  Then a week later throwing it away because I never got around to actually doing something with that bag of Meyer lemons I was determined to make some amazing dish with. I am trying to get past the idea that cooking for one is a waste of time, but it’s honestly depressing to spend so much time on a dish to only enjoy it alone. I am still working on a solution, but in the meantime here are some spring pasta’s that I am determined to tackle in the coming weeks be it alone or for friends.

image via feating at home

{inspiration} radish love

March 24. 2014
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The sun is finally coming out and spring menu planning is in full effect. Last week I was having dinner at the NoMad and couldn’t pass up the buttered radishes with sea salt. What came out was beyond perfection- perfectly butter coated radishes with a mound of sea salt on the side. I was reminded how much I love that crispy crunch of a spring radish and that they are so much more than a salad topping! Here are some great radish recipes that are the perfect addition to any spring meal.

keep it simple with butter and sea salt like the NoMad

offset the tartness of with these honey-roasted radishes.

this braised butter dish would be great to server with

who knew by adding a little honey and cinnamon an popping them in the oven, you would have a great new topping for your yogurt!

images via links above

{diy} updating the potted plant

March 16. 2014


One of the perks of working in advertising and events is you get the best post shoot swag. A few months back we had these large glass cylinder vases and I knew I had to find a way to use them in the apartment (they are just too fabulous to waste). The solution: forget the traditional potted plant, embrace the clear vase! Truth be told, this is a total experiment. My track record in keeping plants alive is pretty grim, but I am determined to break that trend. I ventured down to the flower district over the weekend (28th street between 6th and 7th avenues) and made my way around the different shops. I settled on the bird of paradise (non flowering) plant for its large beautiful leaves that would add just enough green, but not too much, and for $50 bucks it was the perfect price. The addition of river rocks to the bottom of the vase help with the lack of drainage in the vase.  I am totally in love and so far they look like they are happy in their new home!

A few things to note/how to. I cut open the plastic container along the side to divide up the three plants. Place the rocks in the base of the vase, add the plant, and finish with the remaining soil. Fill the vase with water until the soil is wet, but not drenched.
Happy Planting!

{tips & tricks} the fridge is your friend

March 10. 2014
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Picking up flowers every week is just one of those things that will always be a highlight of my week. The only problem, this cold weather is making my apartment like a sauna, turning my flowers sad and droopy. Taking a page from my local florist, it’s time to pop them in the fridge. So, before I leave for work in the morning I place the vases in the fridge and take them out when I come home. I know it might seem like a silly step, but it has doubled the life of my pretty petals making it totally worth it!


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