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“the classic” bar & buffet set-up

when setting up the bar and buffet, use what you already have in the kitchen. There are so many uses for everyday items if you take a moment to forget about what it looks like, and think about how could function for what you need. These were set up the night before so I knew I had everything needed before the final set-up the day of the party. I remember moving into my apartment deciding to make soup for the first time, only to realize my old roommate was the one who owned the can opener. This is my way of avoiding that panic.

bar set-up
what you need:
12 stemless wine glasses (I love these plastic reusable and unbreakable glasses by govino)
2 bowls (1 for wine & spirits; 1 for beer)
1 pitcher for cocktail
1 ice bucket (or something that can double as an ice bucket, like this)
1 wine/beer corkscrew


buffet set-up
what you need:
5 bowls (for dips and side snacks)
3 small plates (for crackers and caprese bites)
2 stemless wine classes (for mixed nuts and sugar snap peas)
1 large plate for meats (I like to keep separate since some of my friends are vegetarians)
1 large plate for mac and cheese bites
2 cutting boards (for cheeses and breads)
4 knifes (for cheese board)
1 pitcher (for milk, in this case I used a bedside water carafe)
4 champagne and 4 martini glasses (for oreo station, or you can use any extra wine glasses)
1 package of napkins



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