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cocktails anyone?

What do you do after college and before the wedding registry when you want to build a home ready for entertaining on a budget without it looking like one? Living in New York, I was faced with this challenge while furnishing my studio apartment, from the layout of the couch, to what dinnerware is in the kitchen, when you live in just 300 square feet, every item needs to be able to function for the space on a daily basis, as well as when guests are over.

I can set up my apartment before leaving house in the morning, and have friends over for cocktails at the end of the day without having to rush out of the office to prepare. For my first series I will breakdown “the classic” cocktail party set-up.

“the classic”
bar & buffet set-up

Below is a before and after of my apartment set-up.





dining chairs move into the living room for additional seating.

As you can see, I don’t have a coffee table. I like the fact that the space is left open, and the stacking tables are easily moved over to accommodate a cocktail, or remote if needed.

The kitchen table has two smaller leaves that can be pulled out. I moved the table in front of the window to open up the space. The kitchen cart is turned into the bar.


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