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Lilacs at home

Earlier in the week, I stopped by the corner market and picked up a beautiful bouquet of lilacs. They only bloom for a short period of time during the spring, so when I see them, I make sure to grab them ASAP. I like to break them up into smaller bud vases, and place them in every room of the house to add a pop of color and that unforgettable fresh scent.

Fresh bouquet:


Split into four bud vases:

How to make them last:
1. Look for flowers that are half-open (if they are all completely open, they will only last a day or two)
2. Cut the bottom of each stem first at an angle, then about a 1/2 inch split up the center of the stem. This will allow water to reach the blooms without damaging the stem.
3. Discard any leaves that fall below the water line.
4. Place flowers in vases and fill with lukewarm water.
5. Try to keep flowers out of direct sunlight, it will only make them bloom faster.
6. Replace the water everyday…if the stems are healthy, they will continue to drink water everyday.
This bouquet will usually last about a week, at most. Hope you get a chance to enjoy!


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