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“Cinco de mayo” planning checklist


I am using the same base outline as the “classic” cocktail set-up. Even though the party is on a Saturday, I still worked on a timeline of setting up the night before and having an hour before the party to pull it all together. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

decide on a date and idea
Cinco de Mayo, modern Mexican

Email Invite Sample Text:
Join us for a margarita (or two, or more)
My apartment
2:00pm (I left the end time open to keep it informal)

Tortilla soup shots
Homemade salsa
Mini Chicken Tacos
Tortilla chips

Margarita bar: Classic lime margarita mix and a Mango Lemonade Margarita
Various Mexican Beers
Sparkling Water (as the weather warms up, be sure to always have a pitcher of water available)

Tissue paper runners
Carnations in bright colors

I picked up a few things everyday after work to spread out my errand list. The party is in the afternoon, this allows for a lighter menu so friends can stop stop by and still have other plans in the evening.
Night before: made tissue paper runners, salsa, tortilla soup, and arranged furniture
party-day schedule:
60 minutes out: arrange bar (cut limes, mango, lemons) and put beer on ice
45 minutes out: plate salsa, guacamole, and chips
35 minutes out: start mini chicken tacos
15 minutes out: start music (I love the salsa playlist on Songza), reheat tortilla soup and churros
10 minutes out: arrange mini chicken tacos
5 minutes out: arrange tortilla soup and churros
party begins: pour yourself a margarita and start pouring for your guests!


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