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“Cinco de Mayo” bar and buffet set-up


bar set-up
what you need:
12 stemless wine glasses (I will say it again, I love these plastic reusable and unbreakable glasses by govino)
1 large bowl (for beer)
1 pitcher (for sparkling water)
2 swingtop bottles (I picked these up for $2 a piece at Home Goods)
1 container for limes
1 container for lemons and mango slices
1 shot glass
1 plate or ramekin for salt
1 ice bucket (or something that can double as an ice bucket, like this)
1 wine/beer corkscrew

buffet set-up
what you need:
6 bowls (for salsa, guacamole, and chips)
1 large plate (for mini tacos)
1 small plate and ramekin (for churros and chocolate sauce)
1 cutting board and 1 package of small plastic cups (for tortilla soup)


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