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{the basics} please pass the salt

Sorry for the delayed post, this week has been a bit crazed. Back to the blog!

Entertaining is all about the little details. A salt and pepper set is another basic for any home entertainer and they are a great way to add a little personality to the table. When traveling, I like to keep my eye out for small items I can use back at home.

While in Portugal, a few years ago, I picked up these small ceramic bowls that are perfect for salt and pepper. They always remind me of my trip and are a nice break from the traditional shaker.

Here are some fun S&P ideas…

1. I have these small S&P mills . They are the perfect compact size and I like being able grind fresh pepper and salt at the table.
2. For a casual kitchen, these pinch and dash dishes are a cute choice.
3. The colors and marbling on these shakers are a fun and modern twist to a traditional shaker.


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