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note cards into place cards


After making the decision to seat your guests, the next question is…where do I find place cards? try the extra note cards you have around the house. I am always picking up random packs of note cards and with a few cuts and a label you can have a decorative place card that fits with any occasion. Here is my step-by-step guide to note card place cards. Enjoy!

No.1- Take a blank 3X5 note card
No.2- Fold it inside out to blank side
No.3- For four place cards measure 1.25″ increments along the folded edge (my ruler went MIA, so i found an iphone app)
No.4- using a straight edge and an x-acto knife cut from the folded edge down.
No.5- Reverse fold the place card to pattern side
No.6- Write name on blank label (I used file folder labels)

Place them at each setting as is or between the prongs of each fork.



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