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where would you like me to sit?


Where would you like me to sit? the question we all ask as we approach the dinner table. I will admit I have a love/hate relationship with seating at events. As an event planner, the weeks spent moving around pink and blue post-its could make anyone go a little crazy. That being said, when entertaining at home, the guest side of me does find comfort in knowing where the host would like me to sit. Don’t feel like you need to only make place cards for special occasions, they can make any function like having another couple over for dinner, or a girls night in, feel a bit more special. Be sure to checkout my note cards turned place card project here.

Here are my six things to keep in mind when seating your friends.

1. Seat based on relationships and not solely on gender balance.
2. Mix it up, but keep at least one familiar face within talking distance.
3. Don’t forget that the best seat for conversation might not be the one next to you, but across the table.
4. Try not to turn seating into a popularity contest.
5. Layout all of your place cards and work from the center out. This will help you keep track of everyone and have the host seated in the middle so they can see and talk to the most people at the table.
6. When seating couples, I like to put them across from each other. They are still close enough to have a conversation, but it will also make it easier to engage other guests.


  1. Hi Jen, these are great tips! I love the mixing it up, but as a guest always hate it when I’m not near ANYONE that I know well. It’s a good tip to keep people near both old friends and new! The couples across from each other is also a great tip because there’s nothing worse than when couples whisper to each other during a dinner. That’s the absolute rudest thing! I was recently at a holiday dinner with several whispering couples and it was awful. p.s. Love your blog! Met you at a friend’s party a while back… xo Heather


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