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Pin This! Watermelon.


It is only Monday and I am already getting ready to be back out at the beach this weekend. Nothing will cool you off from a hot summer day quite like a cold slice of watermelon. Watermelons are filled with vitamins, potassium, and antioxidants that make this the perfect summer snack. Take any extra slices, cut them into cubes, and pop in the freezer. You can add them to any drink to add a little more flavor (like water, iced tea, or lemonade). Here are some ideas I pinned to gear up for a watermelon kind of summer.

No.1- this fun dessert recipe for tequila watermelon popsicles is the perfect way to end a meal on the beach or poolside with friends. No cocktails needed.

No.2- After scooping out a watermelon, don’t throw away the rind. Turn it into a fun punch bowl or fill it with ice and you have a summer ice bucket.

No.3- Make this quick and easy recipe for watermelon salad with mint and lime as a side dish or just an afternoon snack. Make ahead and keep in the fridge. *image above


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