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Weekend Entertaining…Gearing Up


As the week begins, I find myself already gearing up for another weekend of entertaining. Grocery shopping can quickly get out of control and there is nothing worse than spending tons of money on groceries and feeling like you still don’t have everything you need. I love a good list, and like to start by breaking things down by how many times we will be making each meal.

Weekend (6 people)
Breakfast x2
Lunch x2
Dinner x1

I get up early on Saturday and head to the farmers market, then to the grocery store. This allows me the creative freedom to see what looks good, then supplement with store bought items. This is my basic list that I always use, then expand upon as the week goes on.

Pancake mix, syrup, blueberries, fresh baked goods, yogurt
Fresh bread, tomatoes, lettuce, various sandwich meats, fruit
Pulling together some ideas like this yummy grilled shrimp option and maybe these zucchini ribbons on the side. The group is a bunch of foodies, so I am leaving this open for everyone to pull together at the market.
Watermelon, various fruits, hummus, pita chips, ice cream
Iced tea, wine, beer, orange juice
{The basics…aka things I need to make sure we have enough of before going to the store}
Butter, mayo, mustard, coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, ice, shampoo, soap, SUNSCREEN!

image via Tory Burch blog


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