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{the basics} Measuring Up

{The Basics} Measuring Up

It has been a few weeks since my last {the basics} post, so we are starting off the week with the sometimes overlooked basic, the measuring cup. My favorite set for anyone with limited space is the nesting set from Joseph Joseph. I use this all of the time and it has everything you need, from measuring cups & spoons to the colander & mixing bowls. If you have been meaning to make that dish from your pinterest board, this is the set for you. I also love a good classic stainless steel set that works well with any kitchen decor. This angled cup is perfect for any baker (I am nothing of the sort), but my mother (the baker in the family) likes the easy- to-read measurements you can see from any angle. Would love to hear about your favorite measuring cup tips.

Side note: my {Monday Flowers} from last week are still looking as fabulous as ever! Happy Monday.

Where to find: {1} Baked Silver Metal Baking Measures, $10 {2} OXO® Green Angle 2 Cup Measuring Cup {3} Joseph Joseph Nest Plus 9 Cups and Bowls Set {4} Set of 5 All-Clad® Measuring Cups



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