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DJ play my favorite song

I am OBSESSED with Songza! For those of you who haven’t heard me rant and rave about my favorite site for finding and creating the perfect party playlist…I am about to change your world. When my friend Eric told me about is music app he was working on a few years back, I smiled and filed it away in the “everyone is creating an app these days” folder. Lo and behold that little idea has taken the music industry by storm. If you plan events or are just having a few cocktails with friends, Songza is the new standard for finding the perfect playlist. I will be including my favorite playlists and making a few of my own along the way to pair with the parties I feature on jentertaining. Here is my first jentertaining playlist, perfect for sipping that summer cocktail by the pool. What do you think?

{How It Works}
Answer one simple question: What are you doing? Songza will then take into account the day of the week and time of day to provide a list of scenarios to choose from.
Cooking dinner? I am a dancing in the kitchen kind of girl and enjoy a good oldie from time to time.
Result: Motown Dance Party. A little Marvin, The Supremes, and Jackson 5 get the party started while I chop away in the kitchen.


What makes Songza different from the other guys is that all of their playlists are made by music experts and not a computer algorithm. The result is a perfectly curated playlist that will have you dancing the night away instead of hitting skip after hearing four Katy Perry songs in 20 minutes. Oh, and no annoying advertisements to interrupt the mood!

{Some Weekend Recommendations…pop style}

Gearing up for the weekend:
Pop Wake Up Call
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
90210 Slumber Party

Cocktails With Friends:
Sipping summer cocktails…jentertaining style
Gracie Mansion Backyard BBQ

Sunday Recovering and Cleaning around the house:
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Drop-a-beat Workout

Have fun and I apologize in advance, this site and app can become addictive.


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