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Setting the Table…casual dinner

We’ve all been there, you finally decide to have friends over for dinner and you find yourself one fork short and swearing you had more than two salad plates. It is easy to lose track of what you have and even harder to determine what you need. From the number of dinner plates, to figuring out where everything goes-here is my guide for pulling it all together so you are ready the next time friends come to visit.

The basic white plate is a great starter staple, they make such a great base for any dish since I don’t have room for multiple settings. Being able to add in a few elements like napkins, placemats, and tea towels which, are easy to store, can pull together the design of a table in seconds. Here are two examples of how I used my basic setting and a few colorful elements to set a casual dinner for two, as well as a peek inside my kitchen cabinet.

Table Setting- Casual Dinner

{What You Need}
Setting for six- it is a good number even if you never plan on having that may people over. If a plate breaks, you won’t have to rush out to replace it and extra plates and bowls can also double as serving dishes for a smaller dinner or cocktail party.

Six of each of the following:
Dinner plate
Salad plate
White wine glass
Red wine glass
Water glass

Extra items that make up my cabinet:
Martini glasses (set of 4)
Champagne glasses (set of 8)
White wine glasses with stem (I have two, but could use 6)
Coffee mugs (I don’t drink coffee, and two is plenty for my hot chocolate fix in the am)
Square plates (I like having a few of these to change up the look from time to time)

kitchen cabinet


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