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{Entertaining Friends} Fantasy Football Style


The 2012 Fantasy Football season has begun! I hosted our second annual draft party at my place on Tuesday night and while the draft was a success, my ability to balance the draft and blogging was an epic fail. I am still trying to find my blogging rhythm between setting up a party and taking the time to shoot it. My goal for this blog is to show how I really entertain at home and how my readers can do the same, so it might not always be perfect, but it is true to my life. Ok, thanks for letting me get that out! Back to the party!

{Setting the Scene}
We are chicks in a fantasy football league, of course we need t-shirts. I ordered ours from Blue Cotton with the league name on the front and each of our team names on the back. For decor, with a few fun pieces of football themed scrapbooking booking paper and tape I jazzed up the bar tray and side tables. The main even was the draft, so my crafty side came into play with the custom draft board complete with color coded labels ordered off the web.

{On the Menu}
I picked up a few flatbread pizzas and a beet with goat cheese sandwich from Grandaisy Bakery on my way home from the office. Popped the pizzas in the oven for a few minutes to warm them up a bit, sliced the sandwich into bite sized pieces and we were in business. I also had the usual mixed nuts, hummus with pita chips, and popcorn ready to snack on around the apartment.

{At the Bar}
I had both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options out on the table. A bubbly option for the non-drinkers was a combination of cran-raspberry juice and seltzer. For those who want a kick, make the same and add some vodka in a pitcher and garnish with frozen berries.

The draft took about 2.5 hours and I am feeling good with my picks. The football season kicks off on September 5th, so it isn’t too late to grab a group of friends get your fantasy football on and would love to hear about it!


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