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{Tips & Tricks} Summer’s End

We had a lovely weekend out at the beach and my attempt to take my entertaining hat off didn’t really happen. Here is a quick recap with a couple of improvised ideas to keep in your back pocket.

No.1 We arrived to a beautiful blue moon.

No.2 I was in tomato heaven at the farmers market and might have spent a majority of the weekend popping them like candy.

No.3 Speaking of sweets, it isn’t often my sweet tooth takes over, but Saturday morning all I wanted was a big batch of chocolate chip pancakes. The only problem, there wasn’t a chip to be found and I wasn’t about to drive to the store. The solution: good old chocolate syrup! With a few drizzles I was in business. Note: it might be time for a new beach skillet.

No.4 Marc was all about closing out the season with a lobster dinner (I am not a fan, so stuck with a nice tuna steak.) His sister Sydney and I combined forces to create this last-minute lobster bib using a plastic bag. With a few cuts to the handles and sides, she was ready to take on her lobster in style.

Don’t forget to pop over to Channeling Contessa today where I am kicking off our NYC entertaining series. Happy short week!


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