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{How Do I…} Get My Vases Clean?

{How Do I…} is a new series to help answer some of the very questions I find myself googling or solving and figured I would save you some time by posting my finds and recommendations. If you have a home or entertaining question you have been dying to find an answer to, send me a note and I will get on it!

This week, I pulled a couple of vases for my new flowers this week and I noticed they were looking a little on the dull and cloudy side. After a few google searches, I decided to give the popular vinegar/ salt paste combination a try. FAIL. They were clean, but the calcium residue was still on the bottom of each vase. I needed something stronger and looked around the house for a solution, that wouldn’t involve a trip to the store, and came up with a little cleaning product cocktail. The results? If you look closely you can see my reflection in the large vase. SUCCESS! Here is how I did it…


{What You Need} for each vase
Hot Water
1 short squeeze, Clorox toilet bowl cleaner
1 teaspoon Salt
2-4 sprays, Tilex

{How To}
Fill vase with hot water until almost full
Add in Tilex, clorox, and salt
Let sit for 20-30 minutes
Rinse clean

I filled my sparkling clean vases with a few low maintenance sunflower and hydrangea blooms that will help brighten up my apartment during the busy week ahead.


  1. Tiled, who’d have thought it? My vases are going to get the treatment today! Thanks

  2. Sally Brown says

    I have alot of calicum in our water, tried just bleach, but your combo really works. Thanks!!!! SB Pilot Hill


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