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{Guest Series:Urban Simplicity} Checklist Three: Declutter

So, you have company coming over this weekend for a dinner party. You look around your home and see a pile of papers on the dinner table and overflowing kitchen cabinets. Yikes! But never fear, follow this checklist to declutter, and you’ll be ready to party in no time.


{Checklist Three: Declutter}

  1. Open up kitchen cabinets and look for cluttered areas
  2. Pull items out of cluttered areas in kitchen cabinets
  3. Pull items out of the entertaining cabinet or hutch
  4. Sort like items with like items
  5. Purge items you haven’t used in one year
  6. Clear out and organize that junk drawer (Every kitchen has one!)
  7. Donate items to Housing Works in New York City or some deserving charity in your area
  8. Round up the loose papers and mail that have accumulated in your kitchen or living area
  9. Toss or take action on any items that you may have missed
  10. Make sure the coat closet is ready for company
  11. Purge any coats you haven’t worn in a year and rotate seasonal items
  12. Make sure there are extra hangers in your coat closet for company

Don’t miss next week when I wrap up this month of organized entertaining at Jentertaining with a checklist for planning the party. The best part of entertaining in my opinion!

And just in case you missed it: Checklist One: Assess and Stock-up here and Checklist Two: Make the Seasonal Switch here.

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