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{Guest Series:Urban Simplicity} Checklist Four: Plan the Party

Big Thanks to Korinne for her inspiring checklists all month. Sometimes I just need to hear it from someone else to help get me motivated to reorganize. Now it is time to schedule some fun fall parties!


Finally, the fun part… It’s time to plan the party. If you want a well planned and unforgettable party, this checklist is for you.

{Checklist Four: Plan the Party}
  1. Make a schedule of any dinner parties or larger events you are hosting this fall and holiday season
  2. Prepare a budget for all planned entertaining
  3. Send emails to key folks letting them know to save the date
  4. Check online resources like Paperless Post for pretty (and clutter-free) invites with RSVP tracking
  5. Brainstorm themes, menu, and drink ideas
  6. Research ideas online via Pinterest
  7. Review your recipe binder, box or cookbooks to gather new ideas (purge what you’ll never use)
  8. Test any new recipes, including cocktail recipes
  9. Plan final menu and table décor
  10. Make a shopping list
  11. Develop countdown lists for each party to get it all done

Enjoy the party!

Thanks to Jen for letting me contribute all month with checklists for organized entertaining. Now I’m in the mood to party!

And just in case you missed it: Checklist One: Assess and Stock-up here, Checklist Two: Make the Seasonal Switch here, and Checklist Three: Declutter here.



  1. These are such great tips! I tend to stress myself out when planning parties; if I followed this stuff I’d feel a lot more relaxed and prepared! Especially doing a dry run with the food to make sure I’ve got the recipe down pat!
    I took a blog class with you the other day Jen, which is how I found your blog. Love it!


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