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{Monday Flowers} Falling in Love with Fall

Here we are…October 1st and my closet has finally made the seasonal switch (looks like I am in need of a few more sweaters this season!). That means it’s also time to re-think my flower options for fall. My criteria doesn’t really change–they need to be inexpensive, last forever, and make me smile when I walk in the door. Here are a few of my favorite options that can be rotated around the house to brighten up any chilly, fall day.

No.1 {Planting herbs indoors} For the record, I have never done this, as my track record for keeping plants alive isn’t something to write home about. This season, however, I am accepting my own challenge and we’ll see how far I can get. Here is a helpful guide to growing herbs indoors. Anyone else up for the challenge? to growing herbs I doors. Anyone else up for the challenge?

No. 2 {Dahlias} These bold flowers add a pop of rich color to any room. Martha has some fab arrangement ideas over here.

No. 3 {Pail of leaves} Who doesn’t love something for free? Head out to the backyard or, in my case, the park and pick up some fall leaves. Fill a pail or small woven apple basket and you have a colorful centerpiece with no water needed. Loving this pail of fall foliage.

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