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Hostess Gifts for the Traveling Guest

What a weekend! From photo shoots for both an exciting upcoming project and my entertaining series to dinner and drinks with old friends, it was a very busy weekend. And now, the boy and I are gearing up for a much-needed vacation back to my home state of California later this week. We will be “taking to the open road” and driving from my parents’ place in Northern California to Santa Monica with several stops mixed in to visit friends along the way. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see so many friends and family in one trip! This also means that I will be taking off my hostess hat so that I can play the role as guest for an entire week. I have plenty of hostess gifts for which to prepare and the idea of packing anything that could break during the flight has me a bit nervous. Here are a couple of ideas that I hope will make picking up gifts fun, rather than an added stress.

No.1 {Neighborhood Love} While in San Francisco, we will be staying with our friends who have just moved into the city. I love the idea of giving a gift certificate to a local restaurant so that they can explore their new neighborhood and create new memories. A16 looks simply delicious.
No.2 {Wine anyone?} While bringing a bottle of wine isn’t a new idea, our trip down the coast will provide plenty of opportunities to taste some amazing local wines and pick up some of our favorites for our friends. This approach seems so much more interesting than stopping by the corner liquor store.
No.3 {Think ahead} My mother simply loves the body scrubs and lotions from Sabon in New York City. So I always make sure to arrange for a few of her favorites to be shipped prior to our arrival. Sending a gift before you arrive can be an unexpected treat for your host.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing my exciting finds and memories from my travels in the coming weeks. I am taking recommendations, so send them my way!

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  1. I love every single one of these ideas! I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog, definitely your newest follower 🙂


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