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Give a little


{Give a Little}
As I mentioned on Monday, I am heading out west tonight for a week of California Love (thanks 2Pac). While packing, I realized that I had a beautiful flower arrangement in the apartment that I just couldn’t bear throwing away. So, instead of the trash, I gave them to the Super in my building. She is such a lovely woman who takes care of my building and the look on her face when I asked if she would like to enjoy them in her house was priceless. It felt so nice knowing that something as simple as giving flowers could make not only her day, but mine as well. So the next time you are going to be away and don’t want that arrangement to go to waste, consider giving them to a neighbor before you go. I am in love with the personalized bouquet from Willowday above, and be sure to pop over to see their quick how-to guide.

{The Trip}
And now for the trip…our itinerary will include stops in, are you ready?…Sacramento, San Francisco, Carmel, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Monica and are kicking things off with my folks’ annual Oktoberfest celebration. Mom has so many dishes planned, I can’t even to begin to list them. So, stay tuned for some mouth-watering recipes straight from her kitchen. Having spent my first 23 years as a California girl, I am looking forward to seeing so many of my old friends and eating Mexican food at least once a day! I will post trip highlights along the way both here and on Instagram. Happy “Friday” to me!

Image via willowday

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  1. These are absolutely one my favorite things to do! I think the idea of giving flowers to your neighbor in this fashion is a fantastic idea! Thank you for finding me! You have a great blog!


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