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{Entertaining Houseguests} Why Don’t We Stay In?


Sometimes we all need a night in. As our vacation came to an end, we were staying with friends for our last couple of nights in Santa Monica. While discussing what to do for dinner on our last night, my friend Nathan looked over and said, why don’t we stay in and cook together? It was perfect.

I love a good night out, but when I have houseguests, I sometimes feel pressure to constantly go out to dinner. This was such a great reminder that taking a night to stay in and spend quality time together can mean so much more. We popped open a few bottles of wine from Nathan’s family vineyard, and made an oh so simple, yet absolutely delicious dinner in true California fashion, al fresco.


{On the Menu}
Garden salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and vinaigrette
Pasta with grilled chicken, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and olive oil (served room temperature to avoid melting the mozzarella cheese)
Garlic bread (French bread, butter, olive oil, chopped garlic, grated Parmesan cheese)
Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream (tried and true recipe from nestle toll house never fails)


  1. Looks like the absolute perfect evening. When we have visitors, I always try to budget an evening for staying in and cooking something easy (but delicious) with wine and vinyl.

  2. Mmmmm looks so delicious! And totally agree with your sentiment about dining in vs out. xoxo

  3. A little wine, good music, and great friends is what it is all about. Love your site and thanks for the post love.


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