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{Setting the Table…} Pass the Bread


Never underestimate the power of bread, especially warm bread. Truth is, the bread basket never last long when we go out do eat, so why do we skip it when entertaining at home? Whether you are like me and pick-up a few loafs from the corner bakery, or put on your baking hat and make it from scratch (I do wish I had my mothers knack for baking). Pop in the oven or microwave for a minute or two, add a little olive oil and salt on the side, and your are ready to go. Here are some great tips and recipes from some of my favorites sites. What is your favorite type of bread to serve? I am a sucker for sourdough.

images & ideas via: Channeling Contessa Ricotta Cheese Spread // Martha Stewart cloth bread basket DIY // Dreamy Whites bread basket // Artisan Bread in Five bread from scratch


  1. Yelle says

    Yum! We skip the bread basket at home because if we added it that would be all we ate!

  2. Momma Forever makes the BEST biscuits- sadly she says I can’t have the recipe until I’m a Mrs. Forever as well! Regardless, I think nothing beats a warm buttery biscuit.


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