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{How Do I…} Plant Paperwhites?


We all know I love flowers, and come winter I long for simple flowers and that fresh floral scent throughout the house. My mother must have been reading my mind, because she sent a care package filled with goodies to force paperwhite bulbs. Paperwhites are miniature daffodils, packed with fragrance and are super easy to grow indoors. My kind of plant. If you plant them in the next week or so, they will be in full bloom come Christmas!

Planting Paperwhites

{How to Plant}

  1. Using a vase (no holes in bottom is best) pour approximately two inches of rock/pebbles into the bottom.
  2. Place bulbs, root-side down into the rocks.
  3. Fill the vase with water, adding just enough to cover the bottom portion of the bulb, but do not submerse them. (note, my apartment is very dry and warm, so I tend to fill with water half way up the bulb)
  4. Place bulbs in a light-filled room and water regularly.
  5. Four to Six weeks later you will have beautiful blooms.

{Tips & Tricks}

  • These little flowers pack a big fragrant punch so I tend to avoid placing them as centerpieces or around food buffets.
  • Great places to display are in the entry, bathroom, and living room.

Images via: Design Sponge// IKEA Cylinder // River Rocks: Multi-Colored // Paperwhite Bulbs


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