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The Lost Art of the RSVP


As the holiday season gets into full swing, party invitations are sure to follow. As an event planner, I am always appreciative of a prompt RSVP. I also understand, and have been admittedly guilty of, the delayed response. So I thought that a quick “RSVP etiquette” refresher would be helpful for all of us…myself included. Happy Holiday Party Season!

{RSVP & Party Etiquette}
1. Invite Received: Always wait a couple of days before you respond to make sure your calendar is clear. I have often found myself replying and then later realizing that I already had a previous commitment.
2. Plan of Action: If you have more than one holiday party to attend in an evening and plan on attending multiple events, provide your host(s) with a “heads-up”. It will be appreciated when the time comes to switch venues.
3.Change of Plans: You have accepted an invite and then something comes up at the last minute making it so you won’t be able to attend. NEVER be a “no-show.” Instead, call or text–even if at the last minute—and let your host know.
4.The forgotten RSVP: You totally forgot to respond to an invitation, but later realize that you can attend at the last minute. NEVER show up to a party unannounced. Fess up and call your host–let them know your mistake and make sure they are ready for the addition.

images via Minted (my fav place for all things party)

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  1. With limited holiday weekends, there is always times that I have multiple parties in one evening. I think tip #2 is so important!


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