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{Setting the Table} Christmas Eve Dinner

Holiday Table_Jentertaining

I wanted to share a quick look at my holiday table for Christmas Eve dinner at my place next week. I am excited to host for the first time, and the jury is still out on the final menu. Here are some ideas I am kicking around. What are you making this holiday? Would love to hear all about it.

Holiday Table 2_Jentertaining

{Menu Ideas}

I am torn between serving salmon or the Brown family Pot Roast

This simple and fresh kale and lemon pasta looks too good not to make.

Prosciutto and asparagus? enough said

I am welcoming the return of the brussel sprout with open arms.

A few cocktail options are always a good idea. loving this and this.

For dessert, hot chocolate is always my first choice. shocking, I know!


  1. Lauren says

    I love having lamb or making a prime rib for the holidays. There are some amazing recipes out there for either option.


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