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{Tips &Tricks} The Forgotten Room


After a short post holiday break from entertaining, I am quickly missing the company of good friends to share a glass of wine and finally catch up. While gearing up for my next gathering, I thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight one of the most commonly overlooked rooms when entertaining…the bathroom. Since I only have one bathroom, taking the time make the time to make it guest friendly is a must. With minimal prep work and a few quick updates you can be rest assured your guests won’t notice a thing (a true sign of a well planned space.)

{The Plan}
After a deep clean…

  • De-clutter the counters: it is time to find a new home for your toothbrush (in the cabinet)
  • Light a candle: candlelight makes everything feel special and smell yummy.
  • Soap: Replace that bar of soap with a nice liquid pump soap.
  • Extra TP: Place extra rolls do toilet paper in a container or behind the toilet so guests don’t have to search for an new roll.
  • Upgrade your hand towels:
    • for large gatherings: a stack of simple white paper hand towels is nice touch and pretty inexpensive. You can pick up a pack of 500 towels for about $80.
    • just a few guests: consider investing in extra cloth napkins. Fold them and place them on a tray with a separate waste basket. So fancy!

This whole process takes about 15 minutes and makes a world of difference when entertaining. I would love to hear your tips and tricks for setting the perfectly planned guest bathroom!

image via Decor Pad (a girl can dream!)


  1. I’m a step ahead of you! I took your paper whites how-to and put it to work in the guest bathroom. They’re blooming now and they play a three-fold role: look pretty, smell pretty, and provide privacy by obscuring the window. Thanks Jen!

  2. It’s so important not to overlook the bathroom because it’s the one place where guests are alone and really have time to notice small details (or the lack thereof). I’d also suggest putting a nice pump lotion alongside your soap so guests don’t have dry hands after washing- sometimes you can pick up lovely matching liquid soap and lotion sets at a great discount from retailers like HomeGoods or Marshalls.


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