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{Travel to Table} Let’s Start with Waffles

waffle_jentetainingI will find myself logging some serious frequent flyer miles over the next few months while working on a new project and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to scope out not only some new resturants, but some fun entertaining ideas we can all use at home. Kicking things off was a quick stop in Vancouver, BC where I was searching for a fun brunch stop and found Cafe Medina, where their homemade Belgian waffles are simply out of this world.

Waffle_ jentertaing

{At the Scene}

These pettite powdered sugar coated waffles are delicious simply as the come, but the added bonus of dipping sauces like milk chocolate lavender, white chocolate pistashio rosewater, and salted carmel. You read it correctly, milk chocolate lavender…are you booking your ticket yet?

{At Home}

Make a platter of mini waffles for brunch or even as dessert after dinner for the table to share. Provide a few dipping sauces on the side (I will be picking up some chocolate sauces and on the lookout for some great fruit preserves) and re-introduce this breakfast classic to your arsenal of entertaining dishes.


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  1. You just restored my faith in waffle makers! My dad tries to buy me one every year and I always tell him it’s a silly idea.
    I don’t want a crazy big bulky one though. Any ideas?


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