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I am actually on a flight home from LA right now (I will miss the warm weather, NYC is looking COLD). I haven’t had a moment to delve into my entertaining idea notebook this week, so I am taking this time to catch up on what some of my favorite bloggers are up to these days. Thought I would share some of my favorite posts from these amazing ladies. Enjoy and not to worry, I plan on getting my jentertaining on later in the week. Hope you had a fabulous long weekend.

  • Erin from Apartment 34 is showing off her new pad and entertaining style over on Camille Styles. (I am seriously in love with these two ladies and the fabulous work they produce on their respective blogs).
  • I am so ready to pack away my sweaters (I know, it is only January) and start shopping for some new spring pieces. Sarah is killing it with her Dressed to Entertain post on Channeling Contessa today.
  • Urban Simplicity has me wanting to stock up on office supplies, and I don’t even have a home office.

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