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{Pin This} Valentine’s Day Dinner….Vegetarian Style

With our first big snow storm of the season, I was reminded that while I might be ready for Spring, Mother Nature isn’t quite ready to move on. This week is Valentine’s Day and prefer to stay in and cook for the people I love instead of schlepping out for an overpriced prix-fixe menu. Here is a menu that is perfect for cozying up with the one you love and I promise you won’t miss the meat!


No.1 start things off with a cocktail
No.2 set the table using menu inspired ingredients
No.3 roasted brussels sprouts with garlic aioli, done!
No.4 I don’t think anyone will be missing the meat with this lasagna
No.5 at the end of the evening, these biscuits are perfect for dipping in a hot cup of tea.


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