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{Monday Flowers} Daffodils

20130304-175121.jpgHappy Monday! I spent some quality time at my local Ikea over the weekend. I was a woman on a mission and while I had a list, a few additional items somehow made it into the basket (I really needed more dishtowels and tupperware, I swear!) I was on he hunt for some vases to paint, as per my post last week, but I wasn’t feeling my options…the hunt continues.

Onto the flowers…
Daffodils, that perfect pop of yellow to brighten up any room. They remind me of my parents house and the walking trails around their property. At the top of the hill under a lone oak tree there is a patch of bright yellow daffodils blooming at the first signs of warm weather. A bunch will run you around $1.99 and tend to only be in stores for a few weeks, so don’t doddle and pick up a few bunches of these beauties.

image via The Meadowbrook Blog you should check it out!

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