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{Travel to Table} Farmers Fishers Bakers in Washington D.C.


{First, a special side note. I will be posting an extra special post tomorrow (it involves some very pretty paper) so be sure to pop back tomorrow to check it out}

Back to today, a few weeks ago I ventured down to D.C. for a weekend away to visit a few friends. We lucked out with some beautiful pre-spring weather perfect for shopping the outdoor markets on a Sunday afternoon. The night before our friends took us to Farmers Fishers Bakers for one incredible meal. After multiple courses of fresh farm to table indulgences, and a few bottles of wine, we were ready to call it a night and skip dessert. Lucky for me our fabulous waiter, Steven, was able to pull together a dessert that had my name written all over it…I mean it involves hot chocolate!

Say HELLO to the Floating Smith Island in Hot Chocolate Cake. I mean, HELLO HEAVEN! This simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting is taken to new heights with the addition of multiple layers and a little bath of hot chocolate that brings it all together. It was such a fun presentation and the flavor combination was perfection.

A little background about the cake…

The Smith Island Cake is a featured dish from Smith Island, Maryland and is comprised of 8 to 15 thin layers of yellow cake filled with chocolate frosting. (I am not a huge frosting fan, so the thin layers work in my favor to spread the frosting love instead of thick layers like in other cakes) The fun fact wikipedia search results…

“Beginning in the 1800s, Smith Islanders would send these cakes with the watermen on the autumn oyster harvest. The bakers began using fudge instead of buttercream frostings, as cakes frosted with fudge lasted much longer than cakes with other frostings. The cake is often made using a commercial cake mix but with unique additions such as condensed milk. Known simply as the Smith Island Cake, the dessert is baked for any occasion and not reserved only for holidays.” – Wikipedia

How to make…

  • For the cake: Found this great recipe over on Saveur
  • For the hot chocolate: for those special occasions, I love Jacques Torres’s Hot Chocolate- Classic and my corner store staple Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa from Ghirardelli.

I can see how it might be a bit of a task to make at home with all the layers, but I think I am down for the challenge. What do you think?

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  1. Sally Brown says

    Hot chocolate is in your blood.I am going to make this !!!!MOM


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