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tips & tricks // Place Card Matching Game…Washi Style

I swore my next DIY would be washi tape free, but I came across these fun numbers and knew I had to find a fun way to incorporate them into my next table setting. Taking a lead from my popular washi tape wine label I took it to the next level and added in a bit of a matching game.

{How It Works}

Simply take a piece of washi tape (either with numbers or just a fun washi pattern) and add it to a blank place card as well as a wine glass. All your guests have to do is match the two to find their seat. This would also be great for a kids party (swapping out the wine glass for a sippy cup of course) or for a small dinner at home where place cards might feel a little too formal.

washi tape place cards
 Where to find: Scissors / Place Cards / Washi Tape


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