{monday flowers}
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{Monday Flowers} Ranunculus & Tulips

monday flowers_april 2_jentertaining

Happy April! Kicking off one of my favorite months with some beautiful finds for this installment of Monday Flowers. Every week or so I pick up fresh flowers for the apartment and truth be told, I don’t go in with any idea of what I will come home with. I think of it like shopping for clothes, when you know what you want, you never find it or if you do you are compromising either in the quality or the price. The same goes for picking out flowers for your home, just go with  in  with an open mind and pick up what looks fresh and healthy. I couldn’t pass up these white and orange Ranunculus, and the Tulips while they look pure white have a slight pink hue to them that really softens the arrangement.

{When Cutting Tulips}
Tulips tend to keep growing even after they are cut, so I always cut a little shorter (say, 1/2″) when you first cut them and by the end of the day they will be the perfect length.

For my arrangement I used 10 stems of each flower (total cost $15)
Here are the results…

monday flowers_april_jentertaining

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