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{Tips & Tricks} Lights for Every Room

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Real Simple had a great little guide for lamps and lighting in every room that I thought I would share today. Lighting is such an important and often overlooked element when decorating a space. What type of bulb you us is just as important as the fixture it sits in. What bulbs are you using these days?

From Real Simple:

  • Living Room:  A 60-watt bulb is strong enough for reading yet casts a flattering light.
  • Dining Room: A silver-tipped bulb casts a soft light.
  • Bedroom: To change the room’s mood, use a three-way bulb, such as the Feit Electric halogen.
  • Kitchen: Compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFLs) These bulbs are good for the environment and your wallet. While they might not produce a soft flattering light, they are perfect for making sure you see your veggies while chopping away in the kitchen.

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