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{How Do I…?} Buy Towels

1a. Towels BarsThe time has come for my towels make their exit and welcome in a new set to the apartment. For some reason picking out towels is really hard for me. Is it the right color, are they soft enough, how many do I really need, how much should I spend? These are all questions I tend to have floating around in my head while I wonder the aisles from one department store to the next. I did a little internet digging to help me in my quest to make buying towels a little easier. Here are some great resources…

Good Housekeeping, as always, has some great tips for buying towels.

” Don’t judge a towel by its in-store softness. Most manufacturers add softeners to the finish so towels will feel nice and velvety in the store. After a few washings, you may end up with a rougher towel than you had bargained for.”- GH

UnClutterer.com breaks down that age old question, how many towels do I need? with a simple equation.

“(House residents + Guest bedrooms) x 2 = Sets of bath towels and washcloths”

NOTE: Since I don’t have a guest room, but do entertain guests, I included a “1” under guest bedroom.

Martha Stewart always has the 411 when it comes to knowing how to care for your home items. She has a few great tips and tricks over on her site.

Now that I know what I should be looking for, the only question now is, what color?

image via Martha Stewart


  1. This is so funny!! I was just thinking I need new towels as well!

    My apartment is so small that I don’t had enough space to store towels for my guests. I always tell them to bring their own. Is that wrong??

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  2. nothing is ever wrong, but having one or two extra towels you can access in a pinch is always a good idea.


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