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{Entertaining} Keeping it Simple & Sweet with Fresh Fruit

fresh fruit

Sometimes the best ideas are also the easiest. With my local farmers market in full swing, I am back to wandering booth to booth with a basket of fresh strawberries. So why, when I am entertaining, do I always feel the need to add a little sugar or balsamic to my berries just to make them “feel” more like a dessert. Sometimes, nothing can beat the straight up version, so why not go with it? I love setting bowls of fresh berries and cherries on the table, with a good bottle of rosé, and just snacking away.

{Serving Tip} For individual servings (like above) roll a piece of parchment paper into a cone and secure with a piece of washi tape. Pop over to Collect & Carry for a great DIY cone project.

image via Better Homes and Gardens

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