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{How Do I…?} Store Strawberries


My {How Do I?} posts really do start with me asking that very question. I got home last night to find the basket of strawberries I had just purchased the day before already covered in mold. Needless to say, I was more than frustrated and hate throwing out food! One quick phone call to my mother and I was set with a solution for how to keep my strawberries fresh for longer than 24 hours.

{How To}

  • Line a tupperware or ziplock bag with a dry paper towel.
  • Place a single layer of unwashed strawberries in container/bag.
  • Cover with another dry paper towel and seal with lid and store in the refrigerator. They should last about a week.

{Things to Keep in Mind} Don’t wash strawberries until you are ready to eat them. They are like little sponges, so the moment you wash them they will retain the water and begin to rot.

I hope this helps, I am off to buy another basket and enjoy them for a few days this time!

image via The Messy Baker


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