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Vivint_Jentertanin_ALT Dinner 3

I am back with a little recap from the fabulous ALT Summit dinner hosted by The Neighborhood for Vivint. When they asked me to style the dinner, my mind automatically went to abc kitchen as the perfect venue. The food is amazing, and the setting inside abc carpet couldn’t be better for 20 bloggers to chat about all things from the blog world. I enlisted my dear friend Matthew David of 360 Design who knocked it out of the park with these simple, yet beautiful flower arrangements. He is the absolute best when it comes to making a something like a dinner party for 20 and making it feel truly special.

Vivint_Jentertanin_ALT Dinner 2  Vivint_Jentertanin_ALT Dinner 1

To add that special touch Charles Lahti for Kate’s Paperie created these custom candy filled gift boxes using the Vivint logo colors. Charles also worked his screen printing magic on the menus using a simple Kraft paper with a white ink to really make them pop.

When you breakdown what I did to pull the table together, it is really quite simple. Focused on the flowers, a cute gift, and a special printed menu. Sometimes planning a dinner party can  seem really overwhelming, but just take a moment and focus on a couple of key aspects and do them well. Once you pour the wine, all that matters is the conversation.

I loved meeting some of my favorite bloggers like Katie from Meyers Styles, Jane from See Jane Blog, and the adorable ladies (and gentleman) from Rue Rococo! It was such a special evening, I am reminded how much I truly love styling small gatherings and I can’t wait to do it again soon.


  1. You did a fantastic job styling this event! Loved every detail, and it was so good to meet you!

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