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HELLOOOO! Oh how I have miss you! After a couple crazy weeks of work and having to put the blog on the back burner, I truly missed my little space on the internet and can promise it won’t happen again. With that being said, lets get back to entertaining!

I have been fried, both mentally and physically (I mean the weather in NYC has bee crazy HOT) and entertaining in my non-airconditioned apartment is simply not an option. Good thing for friends with weekend homes! My dear friends Doug and Ellen have an adorable place up in Pawling, NY which is about an 1 1/2 train ride outside of the city. It was exactly what I needed, a little pool time, a nap on the porch swing, and a down home dinner in town.

Given the heat, I wanted to bring a little something that everyone could enjoy and wouldn’t spoil while on the train ride up like cheeses and desserts.

Say hello to my travel safe hostess gift that has a little bit of something everyone will like, and is perfect for noshing by the pool.

{Travel Safe Hostess Gift}

Variety of nuts (two of the salty and two of the sweet variety) I love pistaciaos, mixed nuts, chocolate covered almonds, and buter scotch covered cashews.

Grapes and Cherries: these travel well and if you pop them in the freezer as soon as you arrive, they will be the perfect cool treat by the time you come of the pool.


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