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{in the kitchen} Orecchiette with Spicy Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Jentertaining_Chicken Sausage Pasta

Orecchiette is quite possibly my favorite type of pasta.It is the perfect vessel to combine hearty ingredients with a light sauce. Here is my twist on the traditional orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. Spinach is such an easy green to add to any dish and is super good for you (added bonus!) This is a quick and easy dish that is perfect for a last minute dinner party or pack up and take on an afternoon picnic. Enjoy!

jentertaining pasta

Orecchiette with Spicy Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and Mushrooms

{adapted from}


  • 12 ounces dried orecchiette pasta
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 2 large cloves garlic, peeled and minced
  • 1 shallot, peeled and minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 8 ounces spicy chicken sausages, removed from casings and crumbled
  • 8 ounces baby spinach leaves (about 3 packed cups), rinsed
  • 1 package button mushrooms (sliced)
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese


  1. In a 5- to 6-quart pan over high heat, bring 4 quarts water to a boil. Add pasta, a pinch of salt, and  cook until tender to bite, 11 to 13 minutes. Drain.
  2. Meanwhile, in a 12-inch frying pan or a 4- to 5-quart pan over medium-high heat add crumbled chicken sausages. Stir with a wooden spoon, breaking up sausage if necessary, until meat is beginning to brown, 5 to 10 minutes. Remove sausage and place in a bowl.
  3. Lower heat to medium and add garlic, shallots, chili flakes, and melt butter. Add mushrooms and stir often until lightly browned around the edges, 8 to 10 minutes.
  4. Combine chicken sausage back into frying pan.
  5. Add  spinach; stir until spinach is wilted, about 2 minutes.
  6. In a large bowl, mix pasta and olive oil to coat; top with parmigiano-reggiano cheese.

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