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{in the kitchen} Blood Orange Mimosa with Fresh Strawberries

Jentertaining_Blood Orange Prosecco

If you have followed jentertaining over the past year, you know I am sucker for prosecco. I tend to always have a bottle (or two) floating around the house. So, while grocery shopping the other day when I came across a blood orange italian soda (yes, it was a trader joe’s) I  thought why not combine it with that bottle of prosecco I have been meaning to pop open for weeks. After a little taste test and adding in some pureed strawberries to add a level of  freshness and texture, I had a new mimosa I could serve year round in large or small batches for a Sunday brunch. Enjoy!

{Blood Orange Mimosa with Fresh Strawberries} serves six

2 parts Prosecco

1 part Blood Orange Soda (I used Villa Italia)

4-5 fresh strawberries, pureed add entire to pitcher or one tablespoon to each glass.

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  1. Love prosecco and always have it in the refrigerator. Your mimosa sounds delish.


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