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{Travel Cape Cod} Weekend at the Beach


Brace yourself, this is going to be a long one!

It only took a train, two buses, and eight hours, but I finally made it! Every time I travel up to Cape Cod, I always find myself saying “I could have flown home to California in a shorter amount of time,” but while I love home, nothing compares to a weekend up at the cape. This past weekend I was visiting my friend Liz and her family up in Wellfleet, MA. A small bayside town located between the “tip” and the “elbow” of the cape, it was just want I needed. Liz’s parents got engaged in Wellfleet and have been coming back for vacation ever since.

Over the years, they became friends with two other families and a lifelong tradition was born. All three families coordinate their schedules to vacation for the same two weeks every year, it is something truly magical. The “kids” are all but grown and even starting families of their own,  but this tradition is still as strong as ever.

jentertaning_cape cod

Days are spent down at the beach, and evenings end as they should with a casual group dinner, bottles of wine, conversation, and a sunset on the porch. People come and go at their own pace, and all this non-planning/ planning made three days feel like an entire week of relaxation. I was in need of a little reminder, to slow down and take the time to plan a vacation. Oh, and say hi to that family on the beach, they could become your new best friends.


{Take some cues from the Cape}

Group Dinner: Take turns playing host, but always have each family bring a dish or two so the “cooking” duties can be casual enough to cover some simple grilling and prep work.

Cape Cod Margarita: Liz and I popped into Pearl down at the harbor for a cocktail, and was loving their twist on the classic margarita. Simply add a splash of cranberry juice!

Recharging Lights: I am OBSESSED with these rechargeable outdoor lights. They give off the perfect glow and you simply turn them from left to right brighten or dim. I like that the handle on the top could also be use to hang them from a hook to create a light  sconce. Looks like I have a new item to search for since DWR isn’t carrying anymore. Let the search begin!

A BIG thank you to the O’Connell family for hosting me this weekend. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated, and I can only hope to come back next year and maybe stay a little longer. Now back to reality- I am not looking forward.

{Images all by yours truly}

Top: the best beach day and castle // after beach drinks // the perfect chair for reading a book, and the topic of most conversations “did you know Town Pizza has a burrito bar?” I am still waiting for a full burrito report from Ben and Ruby!

Bottom: sunset before the fireworks // the best outdoor lighting I have seen // the double-sided buffet was set // ended the night with these delicious homemade cupcakes by Katie.


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