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{Wedding Guest} Riding Solo


Hey hey! I know it had been a couple of weeks, but Jen is back after a couple of hectic weeks. (I feel like I have had to say that one too many times, so I apologize) This past weekend I was California bound to spend some much needed time with family and also attend my friend Steve’s wedding. Here is a little post- wedding recap.

{The Wedding} 

The quick rundown and backstory…Steve was my neighbor across the hall in college. His is simply one of my favorite people and has been a dear friend over the past 12+ years ( wow, we really are getting old). When I met his now wife, Alyssa, a year ago I knew he had finally found his girl. Their wedding was exactly what every couple should strive for- it was all about their commitment and the love. Period. As we know I can be a bit critical when it comes to events, but Alyssa did such an amazing job, it was simply beautiful. 

Now let’s get to the weird part…This was my first time attending a wedding solo…as in single with no date as a buffer.

So, here are a few things not to do to single people at a wedding…

1. Ask if the reason I am still single is because “I am one of those career woman?” (this actually happened, I about died!)

2. I love you Steve, but setting me amongst the five single guys at the wedding is not the way to set a girl up. He had the best intentions, but I wanted to kill him when he came over and announced to the table that I was “a catch.”

3. Introduce your single friends with “single” in the title. “Single Jen” is not something I want to lead with.

And a few things to do if you are attending a wedding solo…

1. Find a partner in crime. This can be another single person, or someone who is part of a couple who is also riding solo.

2. Get your shop on. I stopped by two Nordstrom’s on my way for a little retail therapy-it totally did the trick.

3. Just have fun! I have no responsibilities these days, so life is good and I am going to enjoy this time while I have it. As my married friends always say, the grass is always greener.

Steve and Alyssa, I love you both and I am so happy to see two people get married for all the right reasons (it doesn’t happen as often as it should.) PS- my four new pairs of shoes are AMAZING! Now it is time to get some fall cocktails on the calendar!

{images via me and I totally stole the wedding shot from JP! }


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