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in the kitchen // the simplest of syrups


It looks like my fall cocktail post was gobbled by the evil wordpress goblins, so tonight I will attempt to rewrite it for you, but dang it that first version was awesome! That being said, today we have a great post to get you ready for a cocktail (maybe before we even get to the weekend). It all started over this past weekend, I was partaking in my favorite Sunday neighborhood ritual of brunch at Fairway (they have the best Turkey Club in the City) as I dove into the New York Times style section. I am loving the Restaurant Takeaway column they feature from time to time and this week was all about simple syrups. Given my obsession with cocktails lately I thought this would be a great way to kick off the week. Simple Syrup is a bar basic, from champagne cocktails to mojitos, having a bottle on-hand is always a good idea when entertaining.  Here is a quick how-to and some great links to kick your simple syrup skills up a notch.

simple syrup

Now that you have the basics here are some other fancy recipes to take your syrups to the next level. Do you have a favorite simple syrup flavor?

  • Perpetually Chic breaks down how to infuse your simple syrup to add an additional layer of flavor.
  • You know I love a good sparkling wine, and these cocktails from 2Eat2Drink are right up my alley. The cranberry cinnamon is defiantly making it on my next brunch menu.

{image via 2Eat2Drink}


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