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{pin this} making my list

As a girl who’s birthday lands just ten days before Christmas, I have grown accustomed to the “birthday/Christmas” gift situation. At this point, my parents know all I really want are winter tights and cinnamon rolls, so they have it pretty easy. Plus, I will admit that I am not an easy person to shop for (I tend to buy things for myself before anyone has a chance to get in on the action). Here are a few things I have on my radar for the apartment in 2014…

christmas list
  • I am in the market for a new tea kettle and this beauty would be the perfect addition to my stovetop
  • think it’s about time I splurged and bought a gold flatware set for those cozy winter dinner parties I need to get on the calendar
  • this chair is my newest obsession. I am trying to convince myself to wait until I have a bigger apartment, but something tells me I just won’t be able to wait
  • this guy won’t be joining the family anytime soon, but a girl can dream

This birthday weekend will be filled with holiday parties, football, and small birthday dinner with friends. Does a girl really need anything else? Hello 33, hope you live up to my expectations…no pressure.

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