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{inspiration} that’s a wrap


Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do, well to be honest it becomes a challenge and we all know how much I love a good challenge. One thing I totally suck at is gift wrapping. I have these dreams of perfectly wrapped presents under the tree and every year it is same epic fail. At some point it just becomes comical between my measuring skills (the paper is always at least an inch or two short) and attempting to cut a straight line without tearing the paper…i really need to invest in a left-handed pair of scissors. So today I am sharing a balance of some of my favorite wrapping ideas that range from the super creative to the ready to go.

Wrapping 101: Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel shares a great collection of wrapping ideas with her 12 Days of Gift Wrap Inspiration

Forget the wrapping: For that special gift, you really need a special box, and you won’t even need to wrap these beautiful boxes.

Just Plain Creative: Candy Cane Wrapping, enough said!

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