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{travel guide} Tulum

Happy 2014 everyone! I have just returned from Tulum Mexico and honestly I don’t know how to begin to put into words how magical it was. This trip was intended to help reset both my mind and body and that is exactly what it did. I stayed at Amansala and signed up for their Bikini Bootcamp, because nothing says F*#k 2013 and hello 2014 like a flat stomach and a tan. It was the perfect combination of fitness classes and relaxation, so I will let these pictures do all the talking. For those of you looking to travel to Tulum in the future I have included some of my favorite places and tips. I can’t wait to go back!


{Amansala in the morning}

room with a view

{the view from my room, it never got old}

group shot

{group shot of  our mayan clay treatment, hello glowing skin!}

{Travel Guide}

tulum travel guide

Stay here: amansala

Pack this : a small backpack, I used this Baggu daypack, it folds into a little pouch so is perfect for traveling // Benadryl spray saved my skin. Even though I used bug spray I still couldn’t avoid getting bit, so this was a lifesaver. // Flashlight, for those late night walks back to the hotel.

Eat here: the food in Tulum is amazing and you really can’t go wrong, but here are some of my favorites. Amansala (the green goddess salad is heaven) // Hartwood // Posada Margherita // Mateos (yes, the fish tacos are the best in the world)

Things to note: make sure you bring plenty of cash as most places don’t take credit cards. If you do need to hit the ATM, take a cab into town and use the machines inside the large grocery store linked to specific banks. The individual ATM’s are often out of order and have unless they are connected to a specific bank have been known to have security issues.


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