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{in the kitchen} bundt cake love

bundt cakes

What is a bundt cake? the truth is, a bundt cake is more about the shape of the pan (a ring shape) vs. a specific recipe. I love a good bundt cake because they just look so pretty. I can take any cake recipe, pop it into a bundt pan and the results are simply beautiful every time. It is the perfect last minute dessert trick! Chocolate with chocolate glaze is like serving a big donut for dessert, and you know that will always be a hit with dinner guests. Click here for the recipe. If you are looking to update your breakfast spread, here is a great recipe for mini blueberry lemon bundts that are sure to be a welcome surprise at your next brunch gathering.
Happy bundting!
{TIP} Spray the bundt pan with non-stick spray, then lightly dust with flour. This will help when you are trying to remove the cake from the pan.

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